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forest management

Forest management and administration

Managing forests in an efficient and environmentally sustainable way. Renlog Eesti OÜ was established in 2010 and is based on domestic capital. As one of the few forest managers in Estonia, we offer services to forest owners ranging from the planning of logging to shredding of slash and reforestation after logging. We use our own forestry equipment and employ skilled labour to carry out forestry works.

Forest management

purchase of forest lands

Purchase of forest lands

Buying forest lands across Estonia. If desired, the forest owner has the option to sell only a specific part of the property. We will take care of the necessary surveying work and administrative procedures ourselves.
purchase of cutting rights

Purchase of cutting rights

Purchase of cutting rights and cutting services across Estonia. We only use our own cutting equipment for conducting the cutting operations. We guarantee the maintenance of forest land after cutting.
production of wood chips with wood chippers

Production of wood chips

Buying of energy wood and production of wood chips directly at the site.

In addition to stacked brush and slash, we also buy the cutting rights to energy wood and cut forest land.

An complete solution for the forest owner

We provide a complete solution for forest owners, encompassing everything from forest assessment and management planning to the cutting of standing brush and forest. We process slash into wood chips directly at the cutting site and after the cutting has ended we even out the tracks and arrange the timber at the dragging site.
purchase of slash

Purchase of slash

Purchase of slash in the form of stacked brush and low-quality roundwood suitable for wood chip production.
purchase of energy wood

Purchase of energy wood

We buy standing energy wood with the land or just the cutting rights to the energy wood.
cutting brushwood with a guillotine

Cutting brushwood with a guillotine

We clear brushwood from fields, meadows, ditches, roadsides, and woodland.
purchase of clear cuttings

Purchase of clear cuttings

Purchase of cut forest holdings for reforestation and sustainable forest management.
sale of wood chips

Sale of wood chips

Sale of wood chips for boiler houses and for the establishment of recreational paths and playgrounds.
land improvement works

Land improvement works

Land improvement works using an 18-tonne CAT excavator. Excavation of ditches and levelling of tracks and roads.

Customised forestry equipment

On a daily basis, we deploy three sets of conventional cutting equipment throughout Estonia, skilfully operated by experienced professionals.

In forests requiring initial thinning, we use modified cutting equipment that, thanks to its wide tracks and small dimensions, minimises soil disturbance and avoids causing damage to the trunks of surrounding trees.

In addition to the standard harvester cutting head, our modified cutting equipment is equipped with a guillotine, which is particularly well-suited for forest cleaning and brush cutting, when necessary.

In addition to environmentally sustainable cutting equipment, we also have a smaller timber forwarder available when needed. With its self-loading trailer, it is perfectly suitable for narrower conditions and softer terrain.

Your forest, our commitment!

Renlog Eesti OÜ owns over 500 hectares of forest land. Apart from our own forests, we also oversee and manage the forests belonging to our partners, encompassing a total area exceeding 2,000 hectares.

Proficient forest management ensures a significantly higher final return from the forest and gives forest owners the certainty that future generations will also be able to earn additional income in this way.

With the cooperation of Luua Forestry School and Renlog Eesti OÜ, the interns have had the opportunity to implement their knowledge in a real forest management company and thereby evolve into a responsible forest owner or an informed forest management specialist.
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Forest management through the years...

The company started managing forests in 2010. Initially, they focused only on obtaining and selling timber. At that time, the cutting and transport services were outsourced. Since cutting creates a lot of slash, the company started supplying boiler houses with wood chips in 2012.

At first, the shredding and transport of energy wood was outsourced as well, but already after a couple of years the company bought their own personal wood chipper and special truck equipment to transport the wood chips.

Renlog obtained a forest management license in 2015, allowing them to conduct forest management operations. Soon, they bought their first harvester and a vehicle to extract timber which finally allowed them to start harvesting with their own equipment.

In 2017 the harvesting department of Stora Enso AS with its machinery and crew was acquired.

In 2020 the company employed more than twenty people and had grown to become one of the largest forest management companies in Estonia.
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