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Renlog Eesti OÜ

Renlog Eesti OÜ is a forest company that started operations in 2010. Today, the company manages more than 500 hectares of forest land that is in their possession. In addition, they manage over 2,000 hectares of forests owned by various partners and offer forest owners services ranging from forest management plans and cutting plans to the realisation of timber and slash.

Contact details

argo teral

Purchase of forest land and cutting rights

Forest harvesting and transport

Argo Teral
Phone: +372 517 4303
indrek golberg

Purchase of energy wood and sale of wood chips

Harvesting and logistics of energy wood

Indrek Golberg
Phone: +372 507 9053
raido artel

Purchase and sale of energy wood

Buying of slash and stacked energy wood

Raido Artel
Phone: +372 5308 2127
siim dolenko

Forest manager

Siim Dolenko
Phone: +372 5841 6005
siim lokko

Forest management

Siim Lokko
Phone: +372 5308 4714
kersti rebane


Kersti Rebane
Phone: +372 5552 5226

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Company timeline


The company starts operations

Renlog Eesti OÜ started its operations in 2010. Initially, the company focused only on hauling and selling timber. At that time, all cutting and transport services were still outsourced to competitors.


Starts to produce wood chips

Renlog acquired their own wood chipper and a truck with a semi-trailer equipped with a mobile floor in 2014. The focus was increasingly on the production of wood chips and supplying boiler houses with energy wood.


Forest management licence

In 2015 Renlog was given a license to carry out forest management work. This gave the company the right to start preparing forest management plans for forest owners.


Purchase of forestry equipment

In 2016 a personal harvester and a forwarder were purchased for timber extraction. Finally, they were now able to manage the forests using their own equipment.


Acquisition of a competitor

In 2017, Renlog successfully acquired a forest harvesting department from Stora Enso AS, which was originally scheduled for closure. This acquisition included forestry and transport equipment as well as a skilled crew.


Sustainable forest management

In 2020 our company already employed more than twenty people. Since its establishment, the company has operated with 100% Estonian capital and will continue to do so.

your forest - our commitment
Forest management licence KME000013
Road haulage licence RVTL006060
Renlog Eesti OÜ
Reg no: 12034116
VAT no: EE101419406
Legal address: Lääniste village,
Kastre Municipality,
Tartumaa, 62411
Bank account: LHV Pank 
E-mail: info[at]
Phone: +372 517 4303
Office: Teguri 37B, Tartu
forest management certification
FSC C137813
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